About First Choice Inspectors, LLC

Charleton Goodwin president and founder of First Choice Home Inspectors, LLC

Charleton Goodwin, President & Founder of
First Choice Home Inspectors, LLC

The president and founder of First Choice Home Inspectors, LLC, Charleton Goodwin, is a proud veteran of the US Air Force. He brings the discipline and commitment of the armed forces to his work. Charleton founded First Choice Home Inspectors because he wanted to bring southern values and a traditional approach back to business in Tennessee.

For you, that means doing business face-to-face, where a handshake and a promise are binding agreements. It means you’ll hear “please” and “thank you” with sincerity. It means that when you hire First Choice Home Inspectors, you have one less thing to worry about.

Charleton performs inspections with military precision. His reports are detailed and easy to follow. He’s available if you have a question. He treats you like a respected friend, not like a customer, and friends and family matter deeply to him. When Charleton says he’ll take care of you, he means it — because a man is only as good as his word.

Michael Comer and Charleton Goodwin

Michael Comer & Charleton Goodwin of
First Choice Home Inspectors, LLC

Clinton Goodwin & Charleton Goodwin of
First Choice Home Inspectors, LLC

Support Staff

Clinton Goodwin- Vice-President/Co-Founder
Tessa Witek – Secretary/Treasurer
Ginger Tomes- Administrative Support

A Family Mission

What began as a dream between two brothers, Charleton and his brother Clinton, built a business to serve the people in the great state of Tennessee. Driven by a desire to make a difference in the community and be a regional resource, Charleton and his home inspectors greet every new client with a smile and a handshake. This is a business built on relationships, because First Choice recognizes that what matters is only what you leave behind.

First Choice performs the most thorough and unbiased inspection services on any residential or commercial building. They experienced home inspectors like InterNACHI-certified Michael Comer, who has a background in construction and as an HVAC Technician, and who is willing to put in the work and then give back to the community. They strive every day to leave the world a better place, both for those here now and for the generations to come.

Achieving Worthy Goals

Their goal is to provide fair and accurate information for every inspection, documented in a manner that’s easy to understand. First Choice strives to be an industry leader for all 16 counties in Greater Middle Tennessee through experience, integrity, and service with a personal touch. If you’re outside this area, you can still get their high-quality inspection services for an additional fee.

Today, the company’s Southern-style customer service and attention to detail on the job form the pillars of the business. First Choice rises above competitors with a company-wide mandate to educate homeowners and to use the latest technology in the home inspection industry. Providing great service to you is their call-to-action; thanking you for choosing First Choice is part of that service.

Experience and Tools You Can Trust

Our Founder, Charleton Goodwin, has over 20 years of related experience in our industry to include work as a mason and a builder. Charleton is a Veteran of the United States Air Force, and his commitment to service and appreciation for those that have served are some of the reasons why First Choice Home Inspectors is the Right Choice. We make Tennessee safer one home inspection at a time. He and home inspector Michael Comer are both Certified Professional Inspectors (CPIs) through InterNACHI, whose mission is to maintain the standards of the industry. Standards and procedures provide a structured foundation to First Choice’s inspections.

First Choice Home Inspectors employ proprietary reporting technology that allows you to access your home inspection report online within 24 hours after your inspection. You can also use the Create Request List™ (CRL™), with which you and your real estate agent can select items from the inspection report or summary to add to a repair/replace list to send to the seller. Try a live demo now.

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drew barrett
drew barrett
16:42 07 Nov 17
First Choice Home Inspectors did a great job of inspecting a house I am looking into buying. They were very informative and spoke to me in a way I could understand. Letting me know the priority of different issues that they found with the house. Very professional and nice. Taking there time to make sure they did the job thoroughly and correctly. I would recommend them to any looking to buy a home or someone just wanting to make sure there home is up to date.
El Osborne
El Osborne
02:25 04 Oct 17
We just purchased our first home and cannot imagine the experience without Charleton. He was thorough, professional, punctual, and extremely kind. He is very safety conscious so when he goes through your home he's always looking out for you. He educated us so much on our home so we felt very prepared to maintain it well and keep it in perfect working order. If you need a home inspected, I highly recommend trusting Charleton with your needs!
John Burns
John Burns
16:19 26 Sep 17
Charleton and his crew at First Choice Home Inspectors were fantastic! The home inspection came with 90 day, mold-safe, and sewer-guard warranties and a 5 year Platinum Roof Leak Protection. They also set us up with a cool service called Recallchek for our appliances! After the visual inspection they gave us a complete walk through the home so we knew where the main breakers were located along with the main water and gas shut offs. They didn't rush, and they did an amazing job for us. The report was ready the same night, and we created a request list directly from the report so we could have the seller's make a couple of repairs prior to the sale of the home! I highly recommend Charleton and the crew at First Choice Home Inspectors LLC to anyone buying a home in Tennessee!
Mary Sneed
Mary Sneed
01:15 20 Aug 17
They did such a FANTASTIC job!!! They explained all their findings to me, while they walked me threw it all!! Very thorough and friendly 🙂
lee goodwin
lee goodwin
01:09 29 Jun 17
Charleton inspected our new home for us while we were in Florida. We were able to book the appointment over the phone, paid online, and our report was ready within hours. His inspection played a significant role in our purchase. We would recommend his company to anyone needing a home inspection or a great home inspector.
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